Residential Water Quality Improvement Products
Household drinking water products

As the single source supplier to the water quality improvement industry, we stock for immediate shipment a complete line of filtration and water treatment products for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Please highlight the products of interest listed below for product specifications and additional information.

Commercial drinking water products
  • NSF certified residential ROs
  • Commercial ROs (in generic packaging)
  • Under counter drinking water units
  • Counter top filters
  • Whole house filters
  • UV light sterilizers
  • Residential water testing products

Plastic filter housings & accessories

  • Standard models
  • Clear housings
  • Valve-In-Head models
  • High Temp models
  • Virgin Polypropylene models
  • Full-Flow (Big-Blue®) models
  • Brackets, wrenches, screws
  • Diverter valves & fittings

Plastic Filter Housings

Filter cartridges

  • C-MAX® carbon block cartridges
  • Flow-Max® pleated cartridges
  • Flow-Pro® Melt Blown Cartrdiges
  • Wound cartridges
  • High temp cartidges for water & oil
  • Stainless steel cartridges
  • Oil removal cartridges
  • DI cartridges
  • Mixed bed cartridges
  • Cation cartridges
  • Nitrate reduction cartridges
  • GAC cartridges
  • Arsenic reduction cartridges
  • Fluoride reduction cartridges
  • Iron reduction cartridges
  • In-line & ice maker cartridges
  • Aftermarket cartridges
  • Ceramic cartridges
  • Shower filters
  • Empty refillable canisters

Wound Filter Cartridges

Carbon Block Cartridges
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